Let's wake up, Italics!

 Manifesto for a glocal future

April 2017

by Piero Bassetti, John D. Calandra Italian-American Institute

«This book is a rallying call. An appeal to anyone who is willing to listen». Piero Bassetti, over the last two decades of its cultural and political engagement, has been able to closely observe the impact of globalization-driven change from both the economic and social standpoints: the fact that there are millions of people around the world whom we should get used to calling “Italics.” Italics are not just Italian citizens in Italy and abroad. They are, above all, the people of Canton Ticino, Dalmatia, and San Marino, and their descendants; Italian-Americans, those of the two Americas and of Australia; as well as Italian speakers and all those people who might not have a drop of Italian blood in their veins, but have nonetheless embraced our county’s values, lifestyle, and shared behavioral models. We estimate that we are talking about approximately 250 million people.

They have different citizenships; they live in countries and societies that are far apart, both culturally and geographically. They speak different languages. But they feel the same.

Italicity is this shared way of feeling, a way of relating to the world, of giving meaning to the world, and it could transform itself into an opportunity for Italics to play a new leading role in global history.

Let's wake up, Italics!

 Manifesto for a glocal future

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