An encounter with Piero Bassetti

December 2008

by Piero Bassetti, Niccolò d'Aquino, Paolino Accolla; Casagrande-Fidia-Sapiens

Who are the Italics? We find the answer in this extended interview with Piero Bassetti, the ideal father of the dynamic transnational community that brings together Italian oriundi (an immigrant of native ancestry), Italian spearkers, Italophiles, and all those who, despite not having a drop of Italian blood in their veins, have embranced the values, style of living, and ideals of that Italian way of life spread throughout the world by Italy’s economic expansion in the last decades.

Italicity is a network of people scattered across the entire globe, a network that begins to know itself and to communicate. The reflections here proposed will give a picture of the events that characterize the actual historical phase of this diaspora, and attempt to explain the advantages the italics would gain by uniting and tightening the already existing relationship among them.


An encounter with Piero Bassetti

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