Il giro del mondo in 80 pizze

October 2008

by Beppe Severgnini, BUR (Biblioteca Università Rizzoli, italian edition)

A different type of travel book, born out of “Italians”: the Corriere della Sera (1998) blog edited by  journalist Beppe Severgnini. A fresh, ironic, and modern book articulated by eighty “Italians pizzas” in the most disparate places on the planet.

In Kabul and in Beirut, where some local challenges where encountered; in Los Angeles and in San Francisco, at the same time as a presidential election; in Athens and Peking, in the wake of the Olympics. All over Europe – from London to Lisbon, from Munich to Moscow – where Italians study, teach, work, live, fall in love.

If it is true that internet is changing the way we communicate and spread information, "Italians" is, by now, more than a forum. It has become a new word: it indicates our most recent and exuberant emigration. The “Italians” write, narrate, explain, ask, discuss, protest (a lot). But, in particular, they compare.


Il giro del mondo in 80 pizze

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