Italiani per vocazione

Racconti di emigrati italici

June 2005

by Igiaba Scego, Cadmo (italian edition)

A desire to tell a story, to narrate in a new language that you can take by the hand and feel as your own. It has already happened elsewhere, now it’s our language’s turn to become “defector word”.

The Italian language contracts itself, slides, spreads out, treads along the imagination with the richness of its rhythm, its sounds, its complicated and expressive syntax. And it refreshes itself in the dreams, the stories, in the images of “others”. It becomes gloomy with fears and despair. It constantly becomes literature. That is, turning itself into a territory where writers and readers meet unreservedly, without falsehood so as to be able to feel in the same way.

Italiani per vocazione

Racconti di emigrati italici

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