Italiano per caso

Storie di Italofonia nella svizzera non Italiana

March 2017

by Verio Pini, Irene Pellegrini, Sandro Cattacin, Rosita Fibbi; Casagrande (italian edition)

What does speaking Italian in Switzerland mean today? Is there a Switzerland of Italian culture  that crosses the geographic-territorial confines of the Cantone Ticino and of the Italian speaking valleys of the Grigioni? And, ultimately, who are the individuals that speak and use Italian within and especially outside of these borders?

Through the accounts of fourteen native residents, migrants or immigrants of various generations, who live “Italian style” North of the Alps, this book aims to measure the actual vitality of the Italian language and culture in Switzerland and to analyze its most significant peculiarities. Italianity includes a compact native nucleus in traditional Italian Switzerland and a more substantial, non native, nucleus settled and spread out in the country.

Almost one resident out of eight in Switzerland has ties with Italianity to various degrees: Italian speaking, of Italian origins, has affinity with the Italian culture or language. Viewed from the right territorial perspective, on a background of high mobility and of the new ways of digital communication, the data provide the Italian speaking “minority” in Switzerland with a new profile,  revealing its value and potentialities in an increasingly more multi-cultural context. Foreword by Sergio Romano, afterword by Remigio Ratti and a contribution by Sacha Zala.

Italiano per caso

Storie di Italofonia nella svizzera non Italiana

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