Made in Italy/Made by Italics: course structure

In collaboration with University of Milan, Department of Historical Studies Summer School in Venice

STRUCTURE Summer School in Venice

The training week is divided into topic days, lectures given by university professors, talks given by professionals, face to face interaction and workshops. At the end of the week’s activities, each participant must produce (in relation to the professional area indicated in his/her application) a written document or creative product/project which illustrates his/her own creative capabilities within Italic culture. At the conclusion of the course, the participants will receive a certificate of participation and prizes will be given for the best works produced.

PURPOSE Summer School in Venice

What are the characteristics of “Made in Italy”? What are the characteristics of “Made by Italics”? What is the difference between the two?

The Summer School proposes a course of study, in residence, aimed at a deeper understanding (far from the clichés and easy slogans) of the character, complexity and influence of Italic culture in the world. The course has five thematic areas (art, music, fashion, design and gastronomy) in which the prerogatives affirming Italian excellence globally will be presented, examined and discussed. The evocative context of the Island of San Servolo in Venice, where the participants will both study and live, will contribute to their experience of the essence of Italian culture throughout the entire week. There will be, among others, talks and lectures given by exponents of the following companies and institutions: Alessi Spa, Consorzio Tutela Formaggio Asiago, Fondazione Pistoletto Cittadellarte, Gambero Rosso Spa, Gruppo Scripta Maneant Editori, Midali Srl, Museo Salvatore Ferragamo,  Piccolo Teatro di Milano, Teatro La Fenice di Venezia. Summer School in Venice


The course is open to students, graduates and working professionals from varying areas of study wishing to enrich their experience and enhance their CVs. The participants will develop their knowledge in the area of Made in Italy/Made by Italics, refine their cultural awareness of the values of Italian identity and question the stereotypes often confronted.


The applicants are required to send his/her curriculum vitae and to specify which of the five areas he/she wishes to focus on. The selection of applicants will be made by an internal committee formed by the Director of the course and by two members of the Direction Committee of Schola Italica.


Italian (English as an auxiliary language).


Island of San Servolo, Venice ( The Island of San Servolo is easily reached by “vaporetto” from Santa Lucia train station (take the “vaporetto” going in the direction of San Marco/San Zaccaria). The participants will have accommodation on the island, in double rooms, with full board included. Single rooms may be requested at an additional cost.


The participation fee is 1200.00 Euro (vat included), including full room and board for one week as well as didactic and workshop materials.


Some scholarships may be given to candidates on the basis on merit.


The best student of the Summer School may receive the opportunity of a paid internship with a cultural association committed to developing reflections on Italic identity in the world.


September 1, 2018. The result of applicant selection will be communicated by September 3, 2018.


Professor Davide Cadeddu (University of Milan).


Offices of Schola Italica


Venice summer school

In collaboration with University of Milan, Department of Historical Studies Summer School in Venice

Venice summer school 20 October 2017 Made in Italy/Made by Italics: course structure

In collaboration with University of Milan, Department of Historical Studies Summer School in Venice

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from 10th to 16th September 2018 Summer school  in italy 2018

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