Schola Italica

Schola Italica started as the first step in the Italics Project illustrated in the message that Piero Bassetti conveyed in his book “Let's Wake Up , Italics!”.

Through a training and learning program that offers participants the opportunity to acquire a new identity, Schola’s own objective is to prepare professionals in the various areas of italian excellence and give them the ability to develop a culture open to innovation.

The purpose of Schola is to create an international italic movement, network and managerial class. A certain enterpreneurship and subjectivity capable of developing and offering a new concept of “made by Italics” that may incorporate and go beyond the “made in” and that may irradiate positive elements and, at the same time, attraction factors towards Italy as a country.

Our path aims to develop and implement training models for the promotion of Italic civilization in the world. The objective is to create a synthesis between humanistic and professional training that allows participants to acquire:

  • relational skills that will improve the knowledge of what being Italic is, and that may be employed in diplomacy and communication
  • enterpreneurial and creative skills that will make it easier for the participants to soak up the new italic culture through experiences that improve their professionality
Schola Italica

Italic culture and Made by Italics