Giulio Ceppi

Architect and designer, Professor at Politecnico di Milano

Giulio Ceppi (1965), architect and designer, studied at Scuola Politecnica in Milan and earned a PhD at Politecnico di Milano, where he has been teaching since 1994.

He is involved in sensory design and design of materials, in new technologies and identity strategies.

Until 1997 he directed the Domus Academy Research Center and was head of the Master of Business Design, following that he became senior design consultant at Philips Design.

In 1999 he founded Total Tool, a visioning and design strategy company, with offices in Milan and Buenos Aires.

He has been lecturing in over 25 countries, writing numerous essays on design and coordinating important exhibitions on design culture. He lives and works in Milan and on Lake Como (Italy).

Architect and designer, Professor at Politecnico di Milano

6 October 2017 Piero Bassetti

Schola Italica President

10 October 2017 Veronica Trevisan

Italics Project Representative, Globus et Locus

10 October 2017 Francesco Zurlo

Vice President School of Design Politecnico di Milano

10 October 2017 Rodrigo Rodriquez

Managing Director

10 October 2017 Silvana Annicchiarico

Curator for the Triennale Design Museum

10 October 2017 Davide Cadeddu

Associate Professor of History of Political Theories at the University of Milan

10 October 2017 Giulio Ceppi

Architect and designer, Professor at Politecnico di Milano

10 October 2017 Fabio Corno

Associate Professor of Business Economics at the University of Milan - Bicocca, Certified Public Accountant and Official Auditor

10 October 2017 Niccolò d'Aquino

Journalist and author of "La Rete Italica. Idee per un Commonwealth" (edition 2017)

10 October 2017 Fabio Finotti

"Mariano di Vito" Professor at the University of Pennsylvania and President of AISLLI

10 October 2017 Riccardo Giumelli

Researcher and professor of Sociology of Cultural Processes at the University of Verona

10 October 2017 Giovanni Lanzone

Journalist and essayist, Italia Patria della Bellezza Foundation

10 October 2017 Vincenzo Orioles

Associate Professor of Glottology and Linguistics at the University of Udine

19 October 2017 Maddalena Tirabassi

Director of Centro Altreitalie